MCAGCC is the largest active duty Marine Corp Training Base. The main entrance is located directly north on Adobe Rd, and approximately 4 miles from the front door of FITW Worship Center.

The Base is referred to as the Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center (MCAGCC), Twentynine Palms , Ca.  MCAGCC has the largest landmass of any Marine Corps base in the world, encompassing approxiamtely 935 square miles of the southern Mojave Desert. 

The Combat Center is about 5 miles north of the city of Twentynine Palms, Ca (population 33, 000), and about 60 miles northeast of Palms Springs, Ca (population 48,000). [info taken from the MCCS 29 Palms Guide 2012 edition, pg 7].

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Call 760.830.6000 for the Base Automated Operator

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Call 760.830.6163 for the Base Main Exchange/PX


Base Phone Numbers:


      Twentynine Palms, Ca 92277

  • Church Address: 5792 Adobe Rd.

      Twentynine Palms, Ca 92277