May 11, 2017

February 7, 2017

January 10, 2017

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What have I already done with half a day that God gave me AIR to breathe in?

November 28, 2017

How much of this 24 hour day have I given in showing God That He is FIRST in my life?


Have I shown God that I am the priority in MY LIFE (not HIM)?  


Did I already feed myself natural food to satisfy my hunger in the flesh, but no Spiritual food to feed my Spirit?  Oh, that’s right….I’m not hungry for spiritual things when it’s not SUNDAY!  (Church needs to only be about one hour total, so I can watch that four hour show on my big screen TV at Home)


Have I expected God to do all the expectation I have of HIM for me, but have not once asked Him “What may I do for you today LORD?"


Have I read Matt 27 today?   (Read one scripture everyday in the book of MATTHEW.)  Oh, I will get to it, but after I get what all I need to do for me first!


Have I read page 49 in the Devotional book for NOV-DEC today yet?  “In Right Standing” 


Have I checked MY email?


Have I checked MY facebook page?


Have I been on MY YOUTUBE


Have I read all MY text, or do I check them immediately when they buzz, no matter what I am doing, or whose presence I’m in?  


Have I EVER received an txt from the HOLY SPIRIT? So why do I need to always check my txt even at church, since God NEVER uses this method to talk to anyone?  Every txt msg is from a person GOD created, NEVER from GOD himself!  God will NOT txt me, or Call me on MY phone at church!  Satan will use MY phone to DISTRACT me from hearing God’s word!  So, If I know it’s NOT God calling me, why do I need to answer my phone in church?  IT’S NOT GOD CALLING, but I put God on hold, and leave church (sanctuary) to go answer my phone…humm, really?  God is first in MY LIFE….Right! SUPERFICIAL !  Note:  WHOEVER is on the other end of that phone needs God more than they need you!


Do I even take MY cell phone to the restroom with me, at work and at HOME?


Is MY phone today’s IDOL worship symbol (Read Exodus 20:1-5)?  


Do I carry MY phone more than I have every carried God’s word? I will leave my Bible at home, but never MY phone!


What’s MY priority everyday, every hour of the day GOD gives me LIFE, HEALTH, and Strength (who woke me up with a right mind today)?


Have I spent more time on MY digital devices, than I have in MY spiritual device (The HOLY BIBLE.66/40)?  


In one 24 hour period, how many of those hours DO I spend in prayer/communion with GOD? Does any of that time add up to even 1 hour out of 24?

If 2.4 hours equals 10% of a 100% day, then what is the percentage of every 24 hour day, God gives me to live, that I give back to HIM who I tell everyone that GOD is first in my life?


WHAT DOES THE WORD “SUPERFICIAL" MEAN?  What is google/siri’s answer?


Yesterday was Sunday, I attended church service, BUT today is cyber Monday; and I have to get the best sales so I can save money on stuff that will NEVER go with me to eternity!  Have I ever given God in tithes, as much money as I have spent between Black Friday and today?


Do I DO what God desires of me? Or do I only expect God to do FOR ME what I think is important to MY LIFE here on Earth ?






WHAT DOES THE BIBLE SAY IN JAMES 4:17?  What does it mean?  Answer: read the whole chapter!


BE all you need to be in God, it’s an eternal state of being!



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